We are getting married (later)

The date is 24th of July 2021 and we would like you to be a part of it.

How we met

During the annual halloween party in St. Gallen, Beatriz arrived in a stunning cat costume, and as the night wore on, the cat eventually found her Shrek (the costume of Lars). St. Gallen had several places with pulsating latin dance music, which Beatriz liked to frequent, and soon there was also a tall Ogre who started showing up to dance. Lars was quickly captivated by this young beauty, and before he knew it, he was spending most of his free time on flights to Portugal. Between the flights, he sent more or less successful gifts to Portugal, such as flowers (which her mother got) and cake boxes with her name on the box. After two years Beatriz packed her shoes and moved to the slightly more rainy side of Oslo (Bergen) where the real adventure started.


23rd July

Guided tour in Alcobaça 12:00 - 13:00

The wedding location is absolutely breathtaking and is situated where the rivers Alcoa and Baça meet. And the monastery tells the tragic love story of Pedro I of Portugal and his murdered mistress Inês de Castro, which you will hear more about during the tour. Alcobaça is also famous for its pastries outside the monastery which would be a blasphemy not to try 🤤. We will meet outside the monastery (link)

Welcome dinner for foreign guests 19:00 - 01:00

We will be serving a delicious dinner for all our guests from abroad in a relaxed atmosphere. This is mainly an occasion to get to know each other and enjoy Portuguese food and wine. The dinner will be served at Beatriz's family home in Turquel about ten minutes drive from Alcobaça (link) .

24th July

Wedding 15:00-16:00

The wedding will take place inside the monastery where the bishop will wed the couple in Portuguese.

Dinner and Party 18:00-02:00

The party will take place at Challet Fonte Nova which is a magnificent villa with a surrounding park. There we will take pictures, eat, drink and dance for the rest of the evening.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Help us capture the moment, tag your photos with the hashtag #BeatrizAndLars

Engagement Pics

Practical Information

Where to stay?

There are a couple of hotels in Alcobaça such as:

  • Santa Maria
  • contact: "geral.alcobaca@hotelsantamaria.com.pt":
  • Suite for 6 people - 130€
  • Double room - 52€
  • Superior double room - 60€
  • Single room - 39€
  • Suites for 4 persons – 84€
  • Real Abadia Congress & Spa Hotel
  • contact: "geral@realabadiahotel.pt"
  • Standard double room - 84€
  • Standard single room - 65€
  • Junior suite double room - 99€
  • Junior suite single room - 79€
  • Thematic suite double - 120€
  • Thematic suite single - 89€

For these hotels, please indicate that you will attend our wedding.
Also, there are several nice homes available on Airbnb. Furthermore, there are several fishing villages dotted along the coast which are definitely worth a visit before the wedding (Nazaré, São Martinho do Porto or Foz do Arelho).

How do I get there?

It's way easier than you think! The easiest option is to rent a car at the airport in Lisbon and the drive there in approximately 1:15h. It is also possible to take a taxi from the airport to Sete Rios and take a bus from there to Alcobaça (link).

Test if you can get there, by playing this game:


There is no need for a gift, since our gift is your presence! If you insist on giving us something, we are saving up for a car and a contribution can be made to this account

What are you waiting for?

We would greatly appreciate if you could RSVP before 1st of March 2020